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Massage Therapies #01

Swedish Body Massage

For thousands of years massage has been used to soothe the body, relax the mind and relieve pain. Swedish Massage is one of the most popular methods which involves manipulating the soft tissues for therapeutic purposes.

The effects of massage are plenty, such as:-
* Relieves muscular tension
* Improves blood circulation, thus increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the area.
* Aids lymph drainage, and assists removal of wastes, toxins, and reduces fluid retention.
* Deeply relaxes client and improves feeling of well-being. Massage can also be stimulating and invigorating to leave client feeling more energised.

The hour long full body massage combines treatment of legs, feet, arms, hands, back and shoulders. Alternatively choose a shorter treatment concentrating on back, neck and shoulders, lasting half an hour.

Full Body Massage 1hr ~ £32

Back Massage 1/2hr ~ £22

Massage Therapies #02


The beautiful aromatherapy oils, essences of flowers, leaves, roots and fruits are used in either a full body or back massage to give you a most heavenly treatment, guaranteed to leave you feeling wonderful. Massaging the oils increases absorption through the skin, flooding the senses with therapeutic and medicinal properties such as antiseptic, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, detoxifying, and stimulating.

The therapist tailors each treatment to the needs of the client, choosing 3 oils and one carrier oil to benefit the clients mood, physical well-being, and skin type.

These are just a few conditions that can be helped with aromatherapy:
* Stress ~ several oils possessing sedative and anti-depressant properties can be used, for example Chamomile, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Marjoram and Rose.

* Muscular Aches ~ analgesic (pain relieving) oils such as Lavender and Rosemary, relaxing oils Clary Sage and Jasmine, and warming oils like Black Pepper.

* Menopause ~ Though every woman may experience different symptoms Geranium can be used as a hormonal balancer, Rose to help tone the uterus and regulate the menstrual cycle and Chamomile to gently calm along with any of the antidepressant oils, Bergamot, Jasmine, Neroli or Ylang Ylang.

* Depression ~ Depression may also cause varying symptoms. Where a client may be extremely agitated and restless then oils that contain anti-depressant and sedative properties may be used such as Chamomile, Lavender and Sandalwood; on the other hand people who are very lethargic with depression would benefit from oils that uplift their mood without sedating like Bergamot, Geranium and Melissa.

The essential and carrier oils used are of premium grade and 100% pure from Base Formula.

Aromatherapy Body Massage 1hr ~ £35

Aromatherapy Back Massage 1/2hr ~ £25

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Massage Therapies #03

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (Indian Head Massage)

This wonderfully relaxing treatment can also be invigorating and stimulating depending on the clients needs. The head massage is carried out on the client in a seated position, jasmine oil can be used, treating the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

As well as leaving you with your head in the clouds the benefits of this type of massage also include -
* Help to relieve eyestrain and tension headaches.
* Excellent for improving sleep and insomnia
* Help with mental tiredness and tension.
* Improves concentration.
* Relief from mental and emotional stress.
* All other benefits of general massage.

Head & Shoulder Massage 40mins ~ £25

Holistic therapy is NOT an alternative to conventional medical care and as a professional therapist I would always advise you to see a doctor if your symptoms are of concern.


REFLEXOLOGY ~ 1 Hour = £30
FULL BODY MASSAGE ~ 1 Hour = £32
BACK MASSAGE ~ 1/2 Hour = £22

Gift vouchers are available too for those people that you care about.

Please note that for the first session a little extra time will be required for a short consulation.

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